Skills For Generations

Igniting Futures, Empowering Communities  A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that strives to spread knowledge to every person including homeless, refugee, college students, and more

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There should be no price to education

Our Mission is to provide resources and training to accelerate the educational and STEM advancement of historically underrepresented and low-income youth and adults in key industries to improve their present lives and to initiate opportunities for financial stability and sustainability for future generations of their family.

Why Choose Us?

At Skills For Generations, our commitment to excellence shines through our meticulously crafted curricula. Our educational programs are thoughtfully designed to ensure comprehensive understanding, employing a range of engaging tools such as quizzes, projects, and more. Moreover, we take great pride in our highly qualified instructors, who possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields and are actively pursuing advanced academic achievements. By providing free classes and minimizing external resource requirements, we ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all learners. Join us on a journey of unparalleled learning experiences, where quality education meets limitless possibilities.

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